Evangel 4500

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Carl Mortenson

Carl Mortenson - Designer - As he served with a mission aviation organization as a bush pilot/mechanic in South America, he realized there was a need for a safer, more useful STOL aircraft, but finding limited numbers from which to choose.
Most of the STOL aircraft were single-engine planes that were slow and unable to carry large loads. This prompted Carl to endeavor to design an aircraft that could not only get into short rough airstrips, but that could also carry a good load and have the speed and safety of a high performance twin.
He returned to the States in the early 60's, yet with no formal education in aeronautical engineering, designed and built a high-wing prototype, which led to the final produced Evangel 4500.

Truly an amazing man whom today in his mid-70's works each day on building and selling the Angel 44 twin pusher bush plane.

Mr. Carl, 1969