Evangel 4500

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#005 - N4505L

Feburary 6, 1973 registered as HK-1362P for use in Colombia, South America

February 6, 1973 registered as HK-1362X to Instituto Linguistico de Verano (ILV)

Operated by JAARS on behalf of ILV

October 10, 1973 registration changed to HK-1362G

1982 sold to an unknown owner

October 29, 1986 registered as HK-1362P to Miguel Marin Alvarez

November 29, 1991 registered as HK-1362P to Jairo Ramirez Moreno

February 29, 2000 HK-1362P removed from Colombian registration

April 2009, under going rebuild in Bogota, Columbia


Current location - Villavicencio, Columbia



Don Smith of SIL -  "#005 was purchased in December of 1972 and ferried to Colombia in March 1973.  Ferry pilots were Jimmie Freeman and Jim Bone.  Our archives show it as having been retired from service in August of 1985".  

"My logbook has an entry which shows me flying it on Feb. 20-22 when it, (I believe) had been brought back here to JAARS, Waxhaw for refurbishment,.  My flight took it to Tuscaloosa for a paint job".

Carl Mortenson - Designer/Builder - "Later Wycliffe (JAARS) had it back to Waxhaw for a general check-over.  From what I was told they fancied it all up with radar, lexan interior, and everything else the pilots lusted for - which added 400 pounds to the empty weight and made the airplane to expensive per pound/mile.  So they ended up selling it in Colombia.  I've heard that it was used to fly stuff from Panama at night until the pilot died of "lead poisoning"".

Jim Lush of SIL - "As to our aircraft [#005], it was sold a couple of times after we had it, and I don't have any idea of what happened to it.  I do know that one owner was running contraband goods with it from Panama to Colombia for awhile.  At that time it was being operated out of Medellin, Colombia.  I don't know where it went after that.  We were asked about checking out a pilot for the new owner, but said we had already checked out 2 pilots and wouldn't check out another one, especially since we had no idea what kind of stresses and loads the aircraft had been subjected to".


#005 as HK-1362G

Javier Franco of Fotografía de Aviación in Colombia who provided photo the photo below- "HK-1362P has had the P and the G registrations, it means that first it arrived as a Private aircraft and later it was used by the Governement, hence the G on the registration"

Carl Mortenson - designer builder of the plane - "This photo gives me some memories, I flew it in Colombia.  It has a government looking writing on the side, but that is actually the Instituto Linguistico de Verano (SIL - Summer Institute of Linguistics in English), is really the registered entity of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Colombia.  Wycliffe often works under the government's department of education, being a linguistic organization.  They know we are missionaries, but it makes for better cooperation from the government.  Actually, I can't make out the wording exactly in the photo, but the triangular logo is that of ILV, if I am remembering correctly".


The below 5 photos are from Karl-Georg Scheffer - He writes; "Greetings from Germany, this morning your website came up in a search and was so excited to find photos of #005 with the registration HK-1362G. In 1977 I worked as an anthropologist together with Dr. Florian Deltgen, author of "Gelenkte Ekstase", in the Vaupes aera in South-East Colombia. We had three flights in this airplane on 1 March 1977 and another the next day, from Mitu to San Miguel at the rio Piraparna. You can see the airstrip with google earth. Attached are 5 fotos from that day in Mitu, the last one in San Miguel, where we studied a Barasana group. They call themselves "Yebamasa".


Another photo from Karl-Georg Scheffer and taken April 1977 in San Miguel, Rio Piraparana, Vaupes


Photo below from Jaime Escobar with this description - "HK-1962P still wearing ILV titles under the wings, taken at Eldorado International airport in Bogota (BOG) in June 1981"


Below is "HK-1362P with a private operator taken at Guaymaral airport in Bogota (GAA) a small airport mainly for general aviation" - Jaime Escobar 


November 2008, #005 being rebuilt in Villavicencio, Colombia 


The 3 photos below were taken February 2012 by world traveling Lufthansa pilot, Bernd Sturm


HK-1362G for sale - November 2011