Evangel 4500

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#007 - N4506L - Airworthiness Certificate issued March 13, 1974

(Somehow in the production S/N-007 got the 6L registration - March 15, 1974 in a letter to the FAA Ray Mick of EAC informs the FAA that he is assigning N4506L to S/N-007 )

March 25, 1974 aircraft is sold to JAARS (Jungle Aviation & Radio Service)

August 9, 1974 James Baptista of JAARS in a letter to the FAA requests cancelation of registraion N4506L for exportation to Peru

November 6, 1974 registered as OB-M-1085 to Instituto Linguistico de Verano (ILV) 

Operated by JAARS on behalf of ILV

August 1985 sold to an unknown owner

November 15, 1989 registered as OB-1085 to Alas de Esperanza Incorporado 

1992 permission is given to Wings of Hope to operate OB-1085 in Peru for 5 years

Janurary 20, 1993 damaged in an incident at San Ramon

December 9, 1993 Certificate of Airworthiness expired

December 21, 2001 removed from Peruvian registration


Current location - Unknown


Don Smith of SIL - "I picked up 007 from the production line in Orange City, Iowa on April 16th, 1974.  Flew it to Des Moines, St Louis, and Mena, Arkansas, where it was painted.  Later, (May 30 & 31) flew two trips to Lancaster, Pennsylvania with it.  I took it on a local test flight after that on July 11th, just before it was flown to Peru, South America by pilots Eddie Lind and Dave Wickersham.  In Peru, it was Registered as OBM-1085.  Our records show that it was sold by JAARS in August, 1985".


#007 factory new


#007 Peru 1970’s

Photos provided by Doug Demming of SIL


"Steve Otaviano was flying over Chayahuita Indian part of the jungle, south of the Maranon River.  I was flying a Helio Courier on floats so Steve lowered the gear to slow to 105 knots."


Two photos of 007 at Tigre Playa on the Maronon River, northern Peru Jungle