Evangel 4500

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From George DeVoucalla of SIL - "I first encountered a prototype of the Evangel back in 1963. Carl Mortenson had created a high wing strut-braced, twin engine plane with a fabric over metal tubing fuselage and a metal wing and I believe a pair of 250 hp engines. At the time I was in the final stages of acquiring my multiengine license with A. Lynn Washburn an instructor from Ozark Airlines. We flew into a small strip in a rural area and met Carl and had a tour of the shop where the future Evangel was being put together. At the time it was a fixed gear tricycle design that looked pretty draggy on first impressions. The cockpit was somewhat cramped for my body, but workable. I was needless to say very impressed with Carl's efforts".


Ray Mick - "In 1963 or 1964 I met Carl Mortenson in Pennsylvania while I was working for Lycoming.  He came to check out Lycoming's engines for the Evangel he was building.  Late in 1964 we moved to Decatur, Illinois.  After some time living in Decatur, we went up to Wheaton, Illinois where Carl was designing, developing and building a prototype.  I had taken some work clothes and after a tour asked if there was something I could do to help him. He was surprised because most people came to talk to him about his project.  That started weekends that my family and I would spend in Wheaton".