Evangel 4500

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#003 - N4503L

April 30, 1973 registered as OB-T-1022 to LORASA (Loretana de Aviacion S.A.)

June 14, 1979 damaged in an accident at San Martin de Alao, Peru but repaired

July 1979 registered to Humberto Iberico Guzman, still as OB-T-1022

November 1988 registration changed to OB-1022 following a change in the Peruvian registration system

September 24, 1991 Certificate of Airworthiness expired

February 8, 2000 removed from Peruvian registration


Current location - Unknown

From Larry Glenn on an Evangel, possibly this one - "Do not remember exactly where I saw it, I think down off the amazon in Peru in the late 90’s. It had been setting under a shelter for years. It was complete but run down pretty bad".


#003 at Iquitos International Airport, Iquitos Peru on May 30th 1974. Photo taken by and property of Steve Aubury. Steve writes; "I used to work in the Oil Industry and for 8 months passed to and fro through Iquitos on my way to working in the Amazon up until January 1975. I had seen OB-T-1021 on the 29th of May 1974 on arrival at Iquitos Intl. and took the shot of OB-T-1022 the following day on my further travels to the rig site via Mi-8. I kept up an interest in aviation by taking colour slides at frequent intervals and then forwarding them back to my parents for storage in the UK. With the recent acquisition of a computer and retirement I have started to look through my collection of colour slides with the view to digitalising them to bring the whole back into life. On this slide I did a Google search on the registration number and came upon the name "Evangel 4500"; thus resolving the issue of these planes identities some 35 years on!".