Evangel 4500

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#004 - N4504L - Airworthiness Certificate issued August 16, 1972

September 7, 1972 registered as HK-1355X to RANSA (Rutas Aereas Nacionales S.A.) in Colombia, South America 

January 1973 registration changed to HK-1355

November 14, 1978 registered as HK-1355 to Taxi Aereo El Venado

March 24, 1980 registered as HK-1355 to Transamazonica (Transporte Aereo de la Amazonia)

July 19, 1984 registered as HK-1355P to Ximeno Gonzalez Quitero

Registered as HK-1355P to Enrique Mancera Rodriguez same day

August 31, 1984 registered as HK-1355P to Ximeno Gonzalez Quitero

May 31, 1990 registered as HK-1355 to Transoriente (Transporte Aereo Regional de Oriente)

May 30, 2000 removed from Colombian registration  


Current location - Unknown but from Jim Lush of SIL "I presume that's the airplane that used to be parked off in the weeds at the airport in Villavicencio, although the last time I saw that aircraft was probably around 1994-1995 and didn't think it would EVER fly again.  The last time it had flown before that, the pilots had landed short on an airstrip with an abrupt lip.  Seems they sheared off the landing gear and flipped it over on its back.  Didn't kill anyone or even seriously injure the crew, as I recall".


#004 in Colombia with Ransa


#004 in Colombia, Jaime Escobar informs that when in this green color it was being operated by Transamazonica


Photo and description of #004 from Jaime Escobar - "HK-1355 in full EL VENADO color scheme with the deer logo (venado=deer) taken at Villavicencio La Vanguardia airport (VVC) in November 1978"


An image from Ron & Chris Mak's dvd "Big Props Latin America" showing an Evangel setting stripped in the weeds in Colombia. This could be the one that Jim Lush saw, so for now am assuming it to be #004.


Jaime Escobar sent this photo he took at Villavicencio La Vanguardia airport in the mid-90s. Further confirming what Jim Lush saw. It seems at this point a rebuild attempt was in progress.